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Initial Consultation

To learn about you

Build a perfect plan

I will customize the perfect meal plan for you

Work hard be patient

I'll work with you to keep you motivated and inspire you to stay focused

Regular check-ins

Regular check-ins to help you stay on track, get your questions answered and to educate you

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The Details

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Step 1 – The Initial Consultation
I need to learn about you before I can create your perfect plan. We will go over how you currently eat which includes the type of food,  the times that you eat, when you have cravings, and what are those cravings for. I also like to get to know a little about your past as far as your weight and your relationship with food.

Step 2 – Build a Perfect Plan
I will create a specific and personalized plan for YOU. The plan is based on your age, height, weight, and activity level. I always keep in mind your lifestyle in order to create a plan that you will be able to comply with.

Step 3 – Work Hard, Be Patient
Losing weight is not a race. It is hard work and it takes time and patience. I do not believe in losing weight rapidly because most times those results are not sustainable over time. If you give 100% commitment to this, I guarantee you will be happy with your results and you will be amazed at how great you feel while doing so!

Step 4 – Regular Check-Ins
It is extremely important to communicate with me and to stay in touch! If questions arise, I advise you to email me, this way I can answer them and also educate you on topics as we go along. We will follow up throughout the month to make sure you are staying on track and keeping a positive mind!

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