My Outlook Has Changed

Starting my freshman year of college I was weighing my heaviest at 230lbs. I was going to Crossfit five days a week but the major part of why I wasn’t losing any weight was because of my diet. These past few months I decided to make a change of my eating lifestyle, so I reached out to Optimum Lifestyle RX. I knew Brittany before because she is a part of my gym. During this process we did my measurements, weight and also created a meal plan to make sure I got the proper amount of calories everyday. Another major reason why I reached out to Brittany was because I’m a Type One Diabetic and wanted to improve my blood sugars, which have changed tremendously. Now, I have a better outlook on what I should/shouldn’t incorporate in my diet with an occasional cheat meal! Also my Hemoglobin A1C has went down and I couldn’t be happier! When I started with Brittany I weighed in at 220, now I’ve lost 15 pounds and lost Inches. I am very happy how I look and not embarrassed anymore when I’m out in public or if I get a picture taken of me!

Matt Leone
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